Late Night Pundit @ Fri-Ends 01 Curated by Lee Pivnik & Jake Sillen The works from Late Night Pundit draw from talk-show-influenced performativity and literality to problematize assumptive humor and an anemic collective memory. They seek to provide an alternative to cyclical, insular mediation by presenting artworks that jury-rig the tactics favored by fast-and-fake news incubators towards a renewed focus on slow media, relational experience, and environmental curiosity.
Artworks that develop humor as a tool – instead of observing it as a series of reactions – facilitate a light-heartedness that works towards an expansion, rather than a symptomatic contraction, in contemporary political understanding. Art objects not as one liners but as mimics of comedic props.
Works by: Ben Aron Katey Acquaro Pedro Bello Gabriel Bielawski Odette Blaisdelle Zoe Blue Anna Bonesteel ClickHole Yassine Gheribi Lauren Lee Renee Yu Jin Exene Karros Tim Mann Chris Novello + Hello Velocity Ivan Rios-Fetchko Jane Campbell Robertson Edek Sher Minsoo Thigpen & Zak Ziebell
Late Night Pundit is meant to contextualize the artistic-critical mode of action in continual reference to how exterior lives are lived and performed inside the habitual almost-funny, using the gallery as one kind of situational present. We aim to offer not a simple commentary, but one that implicates the viewer in a curious unfolding – a multi-channel experience – a differentiated laugh-track.