Welcome to the Neighborhood was an expeditious survey of some of the most exciting work being produced by the artists we’ve been collaborating with. This collaborative mindset is the foundation of our platform, providing a perfect body of work to kick off our season of programming at Fri-Ends 01. Welcome To The Neighborhood @ Fri-Ends 01 Curated by Lee Pivnik & Jake Sillen
Welcome to the Neighborhood brings together 10 artists that are working around the idea of “2”. 2 inputs, 2 characters, 2 identities. The interaction between the 2 parties may be one of conflict or of love. In flux, in harmony, or binary opposition, these works assemble themselves like chemical reactions; the outputs presumably knowable but subject to change. Including works by: Bobby Anspach Felix Beaudry Maya Bjornson Anna Bonesteel Julianna Johnston Exene Karros Lola Katan-Kourako Leyla Margolis-Brooks Nicole Noriyuki & Brian Oakes